Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cold Weather and repairs

Living in the Pacific Northwest definitely has it's drawbacks. The weather has not been conducive to riding unless you are hardcore, put on all the gear and go. Well, by the time I resemble the goodyear tire guy, I can't really have fun. So, sunny days, jump on and ride, it can be pretty chilly but I draw the line at ice on the road, and it is cold and icy most mornings when I leave for work.
Repairs, just a couple of minor ones, the little knob on top of my parking brake came off, turns out it is a tension adjuster for the parking brake, not sure why it needs to be adjustable, but there it is, so for the moment the brake is resting on the passenger footrest. The trunk fix recall is going to get done at the same time,so no more leaks either.
Being an early adopter of a new product is always a challenge, but also lots of fun as folks say pretty much wherever you go, "it's very pretty but what kind of bike is that" when I tell them it isn't a conversion and is a dream to ride, they get very interested.