Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heat and Fairings

Well, after a battle with the heat I did remove my lower fairings, ahh, the breeze was wonderful. Then the weather turned squirrelly again and remembering the fight to get them off I went right down and bought the quick disconnect kit. This is a very cool little kit that once installed lets you remove and replace the fairings with no tools. It isn't quite as fast as they say to get them on, but off would take maybe 5 minutes. All hand tightened connectors. Around our country if we go to eastern washington it could be 60 degrees here and 90 degrees there, I suspect I am going to be very happy to have the option to take them off or put them on.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

HOT Weather

Hmmm, well since last I posted I have been playing around with ways to cool myself and the trike more efficiently in this hot weather. Then the temperatures went over 100 and I gave up riding for few days. I did take the lowers off and that has helped considerably, I did break down and spent the outrageous sum to get a digital oil thermometer, that is definitely helping track the overheating issue much better. I am playing around with the EITMS function since I do a bit of in town traffic, I'll post if I get results. Thursday when I was washing to the bike I closed the trunk and now it's stuck, so back the shop, ugh, sometimes I hate being and early adopter of all things cool.
I did loan the trike to a very good friend (two wheeler person) to test out, he agreed it is an excellent ride and somewhat different from a two wheeler. Takes time to get to know any new thing. I wouldn't let pretty much anyone ride my trike, but this person I trusted sooooo much.