Sunday, November 23, 2008

Riding in the winter

Well, last weekend I rode close to 150 miles over two days, today I rode 100+ miles on a very chilly sunny day. We took off, used the freeway part of the way, did some two lane but discovered it was too cold and icy in the shade. So, stop for lunch and back to I-5. The trike is still so far beyond what I expected that I still marvel at all the little things. Tried out the cruise control briefly today since the trike is still in the break in period. That little feature is going to make long trips so much nicer when the throttle hand gets tired.
The radio picks up way more radio stations than my car and it is interesting on some stations to glance down and see the station name or the title of the song on the screen. The CB radio is clear and once it is set up is very easy to use. So, music, communications with my honey and the open road. Can't beat that.

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