Saturday, August 1, 2009

HOT Weather

Hmmm, well since last I posted I have been playing around with ways to cool myself and the trike more efficiently in this hot weather. Then the temperatures went over 100 and I gave up riding for few days. I did take the lowers off and that has helped considerably, I did break down and spent the outrageous sum to get a digital oil thermometer, that is definitely helping track the overheating issue much better. I am playing around with the EITMS function since I do a bit of in town traffic, I'll post if I get results. Thursday when I was washing to the bike I closed the trunk and now it's stuck, so back the shop, ugh, sometimes I hate being and early adopter of all things cool.
I did loan the trike to a very good friend (two wheeler person) to test out, he agreed it is an excellent ride and somewhat different from a two wheeler. Takes time to get to know any new thing. I wouldn't let pretty much anyone ride my trike, but this person I trusted sooooo much.

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Larry said...

deuce123And the two-wheeler is still fretting that the little ride I took with your bike is going to cost me a lot of money!